Agendas and minutes

As part of our resource library, you can access all of the Slapton Line Partnership meeting agendas and minutes. Please click the links below to view and download meeting correspondence from 2018 onwards.



Please get in touch via our Contact us page if you would like access to archived documentation prior to 2018.

8 March 2024PartnershipDownload PDFDownload PDF
3 November 2023PartnershipDownload PDFDownload PDF
20 October 2023PartnershipDownload PDFDownload PDF
24 February 2023PartnershipDownload PDFDownload PDF
22 March 2022PartnershipDownload PDFDownload PDF
19 January 2022Adaptation FundersDownload PDFDownload PDF
12 October 2021PartnershipDownload PDFDownload PDF
25 January 2021PartnershipDownload PDFDownload PDF
6 March 2020PartnershipDownload PDFDownload PDF
25 January 2019PartnershipDownload PDFDownload PDF
17 May 2018PartnershipDownload PDFDownload PDF
7 March 2018PartnershipDownload PDFDownload PDF
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