Adaptation Plan

Adaptation Plan 2022


Coming soon – The Adaptation Plan for Slapton Line is still in development. The document currently being prepared outlines at a high level the vision, mission, strategic goals, objectives and proposed actions for adapting to life on Start Bay without Slapton Line.


This Adaptation Plan framework has been created by the Slapton Line Partnership through a co-creation workshop with all partners, a series of one-to-one conversations with all representatives on the Partnership, and public engagement sessions following the storms events of 2018.


The next step is to understand how the goals of the Adaptation Plan can be delivered, by working in partnership with the local community to collectively agree on-the-ground actions to manage change and adapt to create climate resilient communities.

Coast path access and adaptation planning


A number of responsible authorities and Slapton Line Partners are working to proactively manage and ensure the future for the stretch of coast path that runs alongside Slapton Line.


It has been concluded that in all likely forecast scenarios where the road is lost, there is no risk of permanent loss of access to the coast path over the next 10 years.


Please click and download a summary document that provides a bit more information on the coast path in relation to Slapton Line adaptation planning.

A view along Slapton Line from Torcross on a beautiful day in summer with blue sky and people playing on the beach at low tide
Slapton 5 Day Weather

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