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Slapton Line Partnership


The Slapton Line Partnership was formed in 2001 to promote a coordinated policy for managing coastal change in the area, in response to a major storm event that damaged Slapton Line. The Partnership has worked collaboratively over the last 20 + years to respond to successive storm damage events, use sound science and intelligence to manage the road’s future, and support the community as it adapts to live and work with the changing coast.


In 2019, the Slapton Line Partnership published a ‘Strategy for Adaptation’, acknowledging that Slapton Line will soon reach the end of its life, with no viable options for long-term maintenance or relocation.


The Slapton Line Partnership now exists to

  1. Plan and deliver the Adaptation Project in anticipation of future change, including a range of activities to manage impacts and build on opportunities
  2. Ensure that appropriate contingency and emergency response plans and preparations are maintained for responding to future storm and erosion events




The Slapton Line Partnership is made up of a range of public, private and third sector organisations with a broad range of expertise to support the Partnerships activities. A core working principle of the Slapton Line Partnership is to ensure that the local community and businesses participate in the planning and delivery of the Adaptation Project, and contingency and emergency response.


The current members of the Slapton Line Partnership include


Devon County Council


South Hams District Council


Strete Parish Council


Slapton Parish Council


Stokenham Parish Council


Environment Agency


Natural England


South Devon National Landscape


Wild Planet Trust


Field Studies Council

Slapton 5 Day Weather

'living with a changing coast...