Monday 28 May 2018

Coastal Change Conference at Slapton Shares Experience

Coastal Change Conference at Slapton Shares Experience

The challenge of managing and communicating coastal change was the subject of a national conference held at Slapton on March 11th.

The audience which included over 30 people from local councils, the National Trust, English Nature, the Environment Agency as well as academics and some local businesses, heard about the challenges facing the coastline and how it was being tackled.

Talks featured Slapton, Porlock and South Milton where community infrastructure and outstanding landscapes are being affected by coastal change.

"In each case instead of trying to resist nature with massive costly engineering, which has a limited shelf life and creates its own problems, the solution has been to go with a longer term process of gradual change to minimise impact on the community and the natural environment", said organiser Alan Denbigh from the Slapton Line Partnership.

Themes emerging included that the whole process takes time, the importance of involving local people in the process, being open and honest, and that in the case of Porlock, it can even have a positive benefit on tourism.

The conference was staged as the 3 year ‘Living with a changing coast ‘programme draws to a close. The Slapton Line Partnership has secured a further £38,000 ‘Pathfinder’ to extend the Slapton Line Partnership’s existing work on coastal change adaptation. The additional funding will support work with local schools, a project capturing the history of coastal change in the area, and the development of online learning resources. Copies of the talks will be available shortly.

  • Publish Date: Thursday 1st April 2010