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Coastal erosion brought home for Kingsbridge students

Coastal erosion brought home for Kingsbridge students
The changing coastline at Slapton was brought home to Sixth form Geography students at Kingsbridge Community College recently.

Visiting the class, Alan Denbigh of the Slapton Line Partnership’s Living with a Changing Coast project explained the history of the Slapton Line, how the coastal change was being managed by the Partnership, and the community vision for the area after the road has been lost to the sea.   

The group also heard about the £245,000 grant secured from the Department for Environment Rural Affairs (Defra) and how the Partnership is focusing the money on various initiatives to help the community plan for the when the road is damaged.  

Partnership Project Manager, Alan Denbigh, said:  “It was great to witness first hand just how much understanding this new generation has of climate change and coastal erosion.

“For some, the challenges that face the Slapton Line are right on their doorstep and they understand the importance of making preparations now for their future and the future of their own children.”

Specific initiatives discussed included the ‘Slapton Line Business Forum’ , which was established in the spring. Ideas coming out of the Forum include the Marketing Workshops for business, new displays along the Slapton Line to help visitors appreciate its unique nature, the recent rebuilding of shingle bastions, and the ‘Celebrate Start Bay‘ event held in August.

Students were keen to ask questions after the presentation and will now have additional up to date information to use in future studies.

Kingsbridge Community College Assistant Head of Geography Tom Graham, said:  “it was useful to have a real live local case study for students to hear about first hand, we will certainly stay in touch with the Slapton Line Partnership for future developments.’’

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  • Publish Date: Thursday 2nd July 2009