Tuesday 02 June 2020

The Shingle Bastions

The Shingle Bastions

The protective shingle bastions have been rebuilt along the beach at Slapton.  Storms in  the Spring of 2008 washed away substantial shingle from the beach, including up to 45% from individual bastions which provide protection for the road.  Hopes that the beach shingle would be returned as part of the natural coast cycle haven’t been fully realised but the 7 year old bastions can still be rebuilt using a thin skim of shingle from the upper section of the beach.  See video of bastions rebuilding on youtube.

The works are part of the continued commitment by the Slapton Line Partnership to maintain the road for as long as possible. 

Chairman of the Partnership, Alan Robinson, said: “The 2006 independent engineers’ report by Scott Wilson recommended that beach shingle bastions were maintained to help protect vulnerable stretches of the coast road. 

“These bastions are not a ‘silver bullet’ because their contribution to protecting the road is not fully understood.  However we suspect that the bastions help shingle to gather at the top of the beach and therefore they provide a small amount of additional protection during storms.”

The latest information we have from Plymouth University who are studying the impact of storms on the beach is that they do make a contribution to protecting the upper beach area.

A meeting of the Partnership’s steering group agreed that the rebuilding works would be carried out before the winter storms, during the period of spring tides in the second week of November.  In the meantime, hopes continue that the shingle is returned naturally to the lower section of the beach soon , as part of the natural cycle and as has been the case in the past.

  • Publish Date: Thursday 13th November 2008