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The 'Slapton Line' is the fragile shingle bar that runs between Slapton Ley in South Devon and the sea. The area is part of a ‘Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)' and a 'National Nature Reserve' because of the way the beach and Ley were formed and the plant species in he area including the rare shingle plants.

The fantastic unspoilt scenery draws residents and visitors alike to visit the Start Bay area and also enjoy the facilities provide by the local businesses, which include pubs, cafes and restaurants.

Below you can find the top website links to guide you through and enhance your visit to the unique area of the Slapton Line. Whether you're after accommodation, a restaurant, a day out, or more, you can search by category here to find all you need.

General events in South Hams

South Devon AONB events programme :

Visit South Devon

Slapton Ley Field Centre (including annual Celebrate event):


  • Explore Start Bay

    Explore Start Bay

    Go directly to the AONB website for the full range of information now listed there on Start Bay. There are a series of information panels around the Bay. Some of the information is also listed below.

  • Explore Start Bay - Hallsands Viewing Point

    Explore Start Bay - Hallsands Viewing Point

    A comprehensive array of panels providing information about the lost village of Hallsands - why is was there, how people lived and how it was lost

  • Explore Start Bay - Start Point Car Park View

    Explore Start Bay - Start Point Car Park View

    This is the panoramic view visible from Start Point Car Park - the panel shows the villages which stretch around the Bay and provides information about the Skerries reef and Start Point.

  • Explore Start Point - Lighthouse Panel

    Explore Start Point - Lighthouse Panel

    It's still worth the trip down to the lighthouse even if it's closed - for the view and for the information panel you can see here !

  • Start Bay Walks

    Start Bay Walks

    Go to South Devon AONB website for walks in the area

  •  Blackpool Sands Beach

    Blackpool Sands Beach

    Cove at the northern end of Start Bay

  • Start Point Lighthouse

    Start Point Lighthouse

    Start Point is one of the most exposed peninsulas on the English Coast.  Opening times :

  • Slapton Parish Council Website

    Slapton Parish Council Website

    Local information and events in Slapton

  • Stoke Fleming

    Stoke Fleming

    Stoke Fleming to the north of the Slapton line is a tranquil village with a lot going on !

  • Stokenham Parish Council Website

    Stokenham Parish Council Website

    Stokenham Parish Council

  • Strete Parish Council Website

    Strete Parish Council Website

    Events and accommodation in Strete Village, Slapton Line Area

  • Torcross Walk

    Torcross Walk

    Walk in Torcross and above Ley

  •  Operation Tiger Memorial

    Operation Tiger Memorial

    Sherman tank sited at Torcross at south end of Slapton sands marks a memorial to the US soldiers lost in Operation Tiger.

  •  Slapton Ley Field Studies Centre

    Slapton Ley Field Studies Centre

    Located on the southern tip of the Devon Riviera, the Centre is surrounded by the 200 hectare Slapton Ley National Nature Reserve

  • Discover Devon

    Discover Devon

    Devon County's site on all things for visitors

  • Visit South Devon

    Visit South Devon

    An excellent site for information on everything the area in and around Slapton has to offer - and the whole of South Devon too. That's acommodation, things to do, places to see, and more.

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Visiting the area?

Visiting the area?

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