Friday 26 February 2021

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Welcome to the the Slapton Line online resoruce library, where you can access all Slapton Line information such as all Slapton Line Partnership meeting minutes and agendas and media releases, images of the area to download or just peruse, specialist reports on the area, and so on. For a summary of latest news items, please click news

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  • Communications Strategy

    Document outlining communications strategy for the adaptation project. SLP_Communications_and_Engagement_Strategy_fo
  • start point information panel

    info panel A1_Start_Point_panel4.pdf
  • Google Earth Tour

    Take a Google Earth Tour of the new information available about Start Bay !

    You need to have Google Earth installed. If you then click on the 'kmz' file below it will load the information. Wait as it takes you into the view about Start Bay. You need to have the sidebar view open and 'show balloons when waiting at features' ticked on  Options : Touring . Then click on the  'play tour' button (it looks a bit like a folder). Be patient as some of the screens take a few seconds to load.

  • misc image - play tour button

    misc image - play tour button play_tour_button.jpg
  • The Evacuation Video - short version


    'The Evacuation' is a short extract from a 70 minute film in four sections which tells the story of a cluster of rural Devon villages where life is about to change drastically when preparations for war reach this relatively cut-off part of the country. Told in the words of seven local residents who were children at the time and mixing in photographs and previously unseen archive footage, the story starts with life before the war without electricity and piped water. Then one day the talk in the local village shop is of the area needing to be evacuated for military exercises, preparations for D-Day. The production was put together by local film-maker Ian Phillips and funded by the Slapton Line Partnership, South Devon AONB and The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development : Europe investing in rural areas'.

    The full film is shown regularly in the South Hams area, see press for details. If you would like to put a local showing of the film on please contact

  • Hallsands Viewing Platform Panel 2

    Living on the Coast - Smuggling, transport, location

  • Hallsands Viewing Platform Panel 3

    The Trout Sisters

  • Hallsands Viewing Platform Panel 4

    Living Here - Village Life Hallsands_panels_2.pdf
  • Hallsands Viewing Platform - Panel 5

    The Demise of Hallsands Hallsands_panels_3.pdf
  • Lighthouse Panel

    Information about Start Point and the Lighthouse A1_Start_Point_panel5b.pdf

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