Tuesday 27 July 2021

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Welcome to the the Slapton Line online resoruce library, where you can access all Slapton Line information such as all Slapton Line Partnership meeting minutes and agendas and media releases, images of the area to download or just peruse, specialist reports on the area, and so on. For a summary of latest news items, please click news

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  • Main Study Phase Two Consultants' report 2006

    The results of Phase 1 of the Study were issued as Volumes 1 and 2, and included information on coastal processes, risk, environmental baseline and impacts, and costs, and put forward a provisional preferred management approach. This report refines a number of possible management approaches before recommending a preferred policy. Phase 2 goes onto present the results of the consultation process and the business impact questionnaire.

  • Main Study Phase Two - Business Survey Consultants' report 2006

    Details of the business survey carried out as part of the consultation exercise.

  • Main Study Phase Two - Consultation Addendum Consultants' report 2006

    Details of the local consultation excercise


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