Wednesday 08 July 2020

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The Slapton Line Partnership is made up of the bodies that have a responsibility for the elements involved in the Slapton Line. The group consists of Devon County Council, South Hams District Council and English Nature with input from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), the Environment Agency, the Whitley Wildlife Trust and the Slapton Ley Field Centre.

The Partnership has been formed to decide how best to deal with the potential future erosion of the Slapton Line and its effect on the road, the environment, and the community. The Partnership's steering group now meets every six months -  access the minutes of these meetings.

One of the major steps made was to commission a report from independent experts on the possible choices for the future of the road.  The report by consultants Scott Wilson is detailed in a series of reports which can be accessed here.

The reports are available here :

  1. Overall Executive Summary (Phase 2)
  2. Phase 1 Report (the detail) including Appendices and
  3. Phase 2 Report  

 We hope to provide a more detailed interpretation guide to these reports.  These reports have been compressed and segmented - if you need higher resolution images, please contact us.